ECAM has been working tirelessly on a new product to take vertical shaft safety to the future! We have developed a digital monitoring system (Digicom) which monitors slack-tight-rope, ESTOP, doors and poles and much more on conveyances. Our bandwidth is so high we now have cameras on our system to give shaft drivers not only digital feedback but visual as well. The possibilities are endless, ECAM is currently developing an auto shaft examination system, which allows one trip at high speed through the shaft to record video. The examination can therefore take place at a later date which does not interrupt the normal mine shaft operations, increasing productivity!

To break it down, here are some of the Digicom most exciting features.
• Slack Rope Monitoring
• Tight Rope Monitoring
• Estop Monitoring
• Doors and Poles Monitoring
• High quality Voice 22 KHz 16 bit
• No more interference from welders
• Modularity (start from a simple system and expand)
• No more Fibre, we communicate wirelessly all the way to the headgear and down in the shaft
• The system is self-checking. It will let you know when to replace every battery even the UPS battery in the headgear
• The system will tell you in laymen words what is wrong with the system
• Full Logging capabilities even the voice and video recording!

ECAM is excited about the new direction we are heading, we are currently developing a higher frequency radio for the smaller conveyances.

We are also busy developing a new digital Minitalk system which will be providing digital speech and digital inputs!

The future is now.