Arduino has opened the world to open source prototyping and electronic design. This microcontroller platform has grown to such extent that it has drawn the attention of students, hobbyists, entrepreneurs, engineers and frankly any person interested in taking on simple to complex embedded projects.

Allowing users to download or create specialised libraries for different types of applications, Arduino gives us the opportunity to change and customise as we wish. This however may be a nightmare when more than one person is working on the same project. But as any Arduino enthusiast would know, Arduino’s flexibility has the potential to overcome most development problems. Now for this possible team project nightmare cloud based storage provides us with a simple solution.

The Arduino IDE creates a sketchbook sub-directory when installed and executed on your PC. This sub-directory contains your sketches and has a library folder where you can save your downloaded or created libraries. You can however change the location of this sub-directory to wherever you like. This enables you to move your sketches and libraries to your Dropbox.

To do this just open the Arduino IDE and follow these easy steps:

  1. Select the file tab and then preferences
  2. Select browse for sketchbook location
  3. Open your Dropbox directory and create an Arduino folder.
  4. Select your Arduino folder as the location and click okay.

You now have your sketchbook and custom libraries on the cloud and can access it from any PC you like, share it with your project team or just give friends access to your innovations. Your sketches can now be recovered if lost and you can keep track of the contributions and changes made by other users.